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Wow! 10k+ pageviews. Thanks!
I hope a good percentage of viewers liked, what they saw and consider to watch.

Also, after a long break I reactivated my twitter account, which had been hacked some time ago.
If you wanna follow, find me @chrit531 . I wont tweet much. Promised. =D
Just a few things.

I'm finally cleaning my folders, so I'm going to upload a few vectors and stuff, I used in my renders.
All this besides my next big pic, of course.

About commissions:
Still not much time.:( Probably not.
just a thing. If you want me to model something for your project or do a commission, I can not help you right now.
Blame summer days and my schedule!

Also: 335 watchers! Woohoo!
Thanks and have a nice summer!(or winter)
Hey guys! I'm back again.

First thing: Finally, I want to thank my 100+ watchers for watching!

Second: Will upload a big pic very soon and if you liked the Canterlot pic, you will like this one too, cause it's Canterlot again!! Yeah!...right? ^^'
You know, that's a big advantage of 3D models. you just turn them around, render anew and have a whole new image.(Haha!)
But I would never do this.Or would I...? We will see.